Multilingual school

At IES FORGES we believe preparing our students for a global society is crucial. Nowadays, people all over the world are constantly connected due to the technological development. This interaction could not be possible without the students’ command of one or more foreign languages. Thus, we believe our students must be equipped with the necessary tools to become an active part of this rapidly growing interconnectivity.

The English Bilingual Programme has started running this year in 1st of ESO, and it will move on to 1st and 2nd of ESO during the next academic year (2019-2020). This programme (Sección) is aimed at students with a B1 level (CEFR), who are taught in English Geography and History, Biology and Advanced English. They are also taught in English, together with the other students (Programa), Technology, Art and Physical Education.

International links. Our students exchange letters, emails, videos, and chat with students from other countries to practise the target language and to learn more about their culture. We have established links with the following schools:

  • St Hilda’s High School (Liverpool, UK) – During the first year our students exchange letters with their counterparts (Year 8 students) from St Hilda's High School, in Liverpool (England).
  • El Camino Real Academy (New Mexico, USA) – This year as part of the Sustainable Develompent Goals Project, we have worked together with a Middle School in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) comparing and analysing on SDG 11 – “Sustainable cities”
  • Adamstown Community College (Dublin, Ireland) – SpeakShake practice